VIKING A3 invites you to the

3rd Workshop on "Smart and Abnormal transports"

26th and 27th of September 2018

VIKING A3 invites you to the 3rd Workshop on "Smart and Abnormal transports". The amount of abnormal transports is on the rise and cross border transports are becoming more frequent and increasingly challenging. The TransportXXL workshop on Smart and Abnormal transport will discuss developments in European Abnormal transport application processes and the Ongoing evolution of smart abnormal transport solutions. Take this chance for an in-depth discussion on a specialised field of transport services.


The VIKING A3 Group was established in 2007 for coordination of activities in the VIKING region in Deployment Activity 3 – Freight and Logistics services within EasyWay. The deployment activity ceased to exist 2012 at the end of EasyWay phase 2 but the VIKING region decided to continue the A3-group. Viking A3 is a federation of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.



26th of September 2018



Informal Welcome-Dinner (optional)


27th of September 2018



















Arrival and Coffee

Welcome and introductory statement | Arne Lindberg, Swedish Transport Administration
Transports and its digitalisation – freight services connected to the people | Nils Heine, CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics GmbH
LoadFox – a new dimension in the market | Katharina Reimann, LoadFox GmbH

Coffee break

Energy change as Basis for Future Infrastructure Investment | Thomas Rust, CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics GmbH

Best practice Guidelines for Abnormal Road Transport | Ton Klijn, Director of the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes (ESTA)

Exceptional Road Transport Corridors | Ton Klijn, Director of ESTA

Lunch break

Discussion: How does digitalisation affect you business or organisation?

High Capacity Transports - situation in the Nordic region | Otto Lathi, Finish Transport Safety Agency

Outlook: How to strengthen freight logistics within cities? A project approach. | Arne Lindberg (Trafikverket), Patrik Hillblom (SWECO), Nils Heine (CPL)

Summary, Conclusion and Closing of the conference

Coffee and End of conference


Vertretung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein beim Bund

In den Ministergärten 8

10117 Berlin  



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The Workshop is organized on behalf of Trafikverket Sweden by CPL GbR.