Our performance

Our performance ranges from the idea of a project over the conceptual design and strategy to the implementation in the following six business segments. This reflects an interdisciplinary and integrative consulting approach that assures you as costumer the observance of all - strategic-operational, technical-economical - issues.



Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of supply chains

  • Consideration of all modes of transport (rail, road, water, air)
  • Process analysis
  • Supply chain management
  • Corridor analysis
  • Benefit-cost analysis

Strategic business development

  • SWOT analysis
  • Market-, competition- and potential analysis
  • Profitability analysis (e.g. against the background of an infrastructure investment)
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Privatisation of companies

Planning of ports and terminals

  • Design of ports and terminal layouts
  • Optimisation of existing infrastructure
  • Evaluation of operational schedules
  • Compilation of reuse concepts
  • Compilation of traffic sequence plans
  • Simulation of extensive traffic situations in 2D and visualisation in 3D

Regional economic analysis

  • Derivation of direct effects from regional economic data (employees, turnovers, gross value etc.)
  • Calculation of indirect advance- and induced consumption effects based on regionalised input-output analysis
  • Calculation of induced tax revenue on types of taxes (value-added tax, tax on wages and income, business tax, other) and public corporation (federation, federal states, municipalities)
  • Identification of catalytic effects for regional economy (e.g. use of specific logistics services)

Project management and project controlling

  • Project supervision and possible adjustment with regards to content
  • Project documentation
  • Budgeting
  • Validity check

Advising and acquisition of fundings

  • Information about promotional programs at EU level, federal level and states level (e.g. TEN-T, INTERREG, Horizon 2020)
  • Project development
  • Filing of application and consulting of application
  • Identification and consulting of application
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Project communication
  • Evaluation