»If one does not know to which port one is sailing,

no wind is favorable.« (Seneca)

Welcome to CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics


CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics is an international management-consulting company that operates in the fields of transport and logistics. CPL operates intermodal along the entire supply chain from the port to the hinterland. Our team, consisting of experienced consultants, offers an integrated transport consulting in the section of maritime transport, rail transportation and aerospace. CPL advises ports, port operators, shipping companies, railway companies, airports, logistic companies, the forwarding industry, ministries, chambers of trade, municipalities, economic furtherance, scientifically institutions and federations. 


CPL Competence in Ports and Logistics is located in Rostock, Lübeck (both Germany) and Klaipėda (Lithuania).